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From private sector to health markets

Future Health Systems


At a plenary discussion during the iHEA pre-congress session on 'the Private Sector in Health', Gerry suggests an important reframing of the terms of engagement. No longer are we talking about working with the private sector, but rather we are now 'engaging with health markets'. In the video below he looks to the future and suggests that we must focus on regulatory frameworks and the shift in the locus of innovation, especially to rapidly growing middle-income countries.

Going to Extremes

Future Health Systems

At a pre-session symposium at IHEA, Time Evans laid out the poles of the debate on universal access to health care. At one extreme there would be model of all medical care financed and delivered by the state. At the other extreme there would be no state intervention in private markets for health insurance and medical care. What is supposed to happen next, according to the standard script of the dialectic, is a triumphal arrival at the golden middle. However, something has derailed our arrival there. In my opinion the explanation lies in the advantages of being provocative. Passion and enthusiasm are critical parts of the communication of ideas: The heat generated by an idea is inverse to its distance from the middle.
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